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What our users say

CanPay is great. Very convenient and you don’t have to worry about having cash on hand. One time the delivery guy had an issue with the connection but it only took a few minutes to resolve.


One last day to drag myself through, but my calendar doesn’t have too many meetings and my local dispensary takes CanPay now, so at some point today I can go get meds without stopping at the bank first…grasping at the little things today.


Even if you don’t win the CanPay jackpot, the points you get from free spins makes it like a 3.5% cash back card. Just spin the thing.

T Post

Hey I’ve won a million points twice. That’s $100 each time. I love free bud👍🏻🙌💯


I hit for $75 bucks two spins in a row lmao. Got a Peak Pro V2 at trulieve the next day, 270 out the door. Keep spinnin’ friend.


I absolutely love using canpay. I just log in before heading into the dispensary, and have them scan the app. It’s immediate, you earn points and you get to spin for rewards. What’s there not to like?

A Knoepfler
5 Stars Google Review

Using CANPAY is so much easier and safer than paying with debit or credit.  No worries about anyone hacking anything. Quick and easy one step paying.

J Warner
5 Stars Google Review

Canpay is a god send. It’s not often that companies ask me to review their service, and even less often that I comply. Canpay has earned that favor. We need to do whatever we can to make sure this app and company succeed because the world will be worse off without them. Thank you, Canpay.

R McIlwaine
5 Stars Google Review

FAVORITE form of payment!! I will seak places out that use canpay because of how easy it is to pay this way! Been using for yearsssss and never had any issues, nothing but great things to say!

e christensen
5 Stars Google Review

How does CanPay work?

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Get the CanPay App

With CanPay, you can stop using cash (or paying expensive “convenience” fees) and even start winning rewards!

Get the CanPay App

With CanPay, you can stop using cash (or paying expensive “convenience” fees) and even start winning rewards!

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