About Us

CanPay offers payment solutions for the State Regulated Cannabis Industry and other emerging markets.

CanPay started with one goal – to bring traditional and legitimate electronic payment solutions to highly-regulated industries. We’ve spent years learning about the unique challenges that face consumers and retailers in these industries and used that experience to design CanPay as the stable payment solution they can rely on.

With 15 years of industry experience, the CanPay team of payments professionals is building a proprietary network of consumers, retailers, financial institutions, and specialized technology providers that make payments at regulated businesses just like payments everywhere else.

As a CanPay Mobile Debit App user, consumers can make debit purchases with no convenience fees. By accepting CanPay, retailers can offer their customers the convenience of a debit payment while mitigating the risks and costs associated with cash and increasing consumer spending. Financial Institutions who participate in the CanPay Closed-Banking Feedback Loop give their highly-regulated business clients access to a legitimate payment tool while also ensuring only compliant transactions flow through the CanPay network.

CanPay – The Better Way!