CanPay – no more paying with cash!

The mobile debit payment app you can use at your favorite cannabis retailers.

CanPay offers a safe and reliable way to make purchases at businesses that have traditionally been forced to accept only cash. Because major credit cards and most banks are unwilling to allow their cards to be used in these environments, consumers like you have been forced to either carry cash or stand in line at ATMs and pay extra fees.

Carrying large amounts of cash can be unsafe. Paying $5-$10 every time you go to an ATM can be expensive. Not having enough cash in your wallet when you get to checkout can be a hassle.

It’s time for a better way!

CanPay is the world’s first mobile debit app for use at cannabis retailers and businesses in other emerging markets. CanPay functions like the debit cards you already have in your wallet, and can be used at approved cannabis retailers.

Why use CanPay?

  • It’s Fee Free: no “convenience” or other fees when you make a purchase
  • It’s Convenient: no pre-planning to get cash or waiting in ATM lines
  • It’s Safer: no cash to lose
  • It’s Secure: Cutting edge security means only you can make purchases with your account
  • It’s Simple: Just generate a unique payment PIN in your CanPay app and you’re ready to make a purchase
  • It’s Debit: A debit is made to your checking account in the exact amount of your purchase

CanPay – The Better Way

Finally, a legitimate debit payment solution that makes shopping at your favorite cannabis retailer like shopping anywhere else.

CanPay is the future of payments for emerging industries, and is quickly becoming the preferred method of payment for cannabis businesses and banking institutions alike. Enjoy never being forced to deal with ATM or bank fees, or worry about carrying cash – just a simple debit transaction at the time of purchase.