Welcome to the CanPay application information submission page.

This process is intended to securely collect all relevant data so that the CanPay application can be completed electronically and delivered to the Authorized Signer for your business(es) for review and digital signature.

Please have all information and relevant documentation available when you begin your submission as you will not be able to save your work and complete the submission later.

What you will need:

-Location information

-Legal Entity information

-Authorized Signer information

-Banking information

Additionally, you will be required to provide the following documents (as relevant) with your submission via our electronic upload system:

  1. Authorized Signer’s drivers license
  2. Void Check or Bank Letter (cannot be a countercheck) for deposits/fees
  3. State Marijuana License(s) or Business License with Marijuana Endorsement(s) (Recreational/Retail AND Medical if location is dual license)
  4. City/County Marijuana License(s) or License with Endorsement(s)
  5. Articles of Incorporation

All files need to be in jpeg or pdf format to upload with your submission.