The online shopping experience in the cannabis industry has never lived up to the seamless experience enjoyed in traditional retail… until now.

Previously, customers would browse and select items on their preferred dispensary’s website or app, and then settle their payments in person at the store when picking up their purchase. Traditional online pre-pay checkout (and its corresponding convenience) was not an option.

But now, CanPay has launched a revolutionary solution: RemotePay

Now Accepting Pre-Payments Online

No need to wait and pay at the store! RemotePay is a game-changing payment integration that moves cannabis consumers and merchants toward a traditional retail experience. With RemotePay, consumers will be able to pre-pay for orders with CanPay on participating merchants’ websites and apps, either through one-click payments or via guest checkout. All you have to do is pick up your order – no more in-store payment hassles.

Protects Cannabis Merchants

Through RemotePay, consumers get the simplicity of prepayment while merchants retain control over how much – and when – the purchase settles. Merchants can modify transaction amounts up or down, which is a common need in the cannabis industry between complexities around local taxes, additional merchant discounts, and product changes in a consumer’s shopping cart. This optimizes the checkout experience, as there is no longer a need for merchants to cancel the order to modify it – and consumers will be able to change their orders after they’ve checked out to include more products.

An Easy and Legitimate Platform

As the pioneer of e-commerce solutions for cannabis, CanPay is able to provide this prepayment service because it uses the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to enable legitimate and transparent purchases, as opposed to credit and debit cards which are prohibited for use in the cannabis industry.

Account Set-Up

Don’t have a CanPay account? Sign up here, it takes less than two minutes to create an account. More than 1,100 participating dispensaries in over 30 states accept the CanPay mobile payment app!