CanPay Retailers


“Cash Only” at Your Store? Not anymore!

CanPay is the world’s first debit payment solution for State Regulated Cannabis Retailers and other emerging markets.

Conducting business in a highly-regulated industry can be expensive and frustrating. You’ve finally opened a bank account with a financial institution that is willing to bank your industry through a robust compliance program but when it comes to accepting payments from your customers, you can still only accept cash. You know your customers want to pay with plastic and you’ve tried to open a merchant account to accept credit cards but were either rejected outright or had your account shut down a short time later. You may have even considered using one of those “non-traditional” or off-shore payment solutions that are expensive, inconvenient, slow to fund, and generally give you an uneasy feeling.

We understand!

CanPay is the legitimate and stable electronic payment solution you’ve been searching for. By utilizing a proprietary network of financial institutions and technology partners that know exactly what kind of business you are conducting, we are able to process electronic debit payments at your stores and offer you all the benefits that follow.

When you accept CanPay, you’ll increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and customers tend to spend more than they do when restricted to cash only. By reducing the use of cash, you’ll also be providing a safer environment for your customers and staff while reaping the benefits of less cash to handle and transport.

Why CanPay?

  • It’s Stable: all members of the payment chain know your business
  • It’s Transparent: do business in your DBA name
  • It’s Less Expensive: CanPay was built for sustainability at a fair cost
  • It’s Familiar: Your customers won’t have to learn new processes just to pay you
  • It’s Safer: your staff and customers are safer when you reduce the presence of cash
  • It Increases Spending (1): customers are proven to spend more when they pay electronically
  • It Increases Spending (2): your staff can upsell at the point of purchase because customers haven’t predetermined what they are going to spend
  • It Increases Sales: CanPay users will seek out those stores that accept CanPay
  • It’s US Based: all funds flow through USA based financial networks

So Why Wait?

Contact us today to learn how you can start accepting CanPay.

All CanPay Retailers must be banking with a CanPay approved financial institution to participate in the network.