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CanPay: The Smarter Way to Pay for Cannabis in Hawaii

As the number of Hawaii CanPay Dispensaries and retailers continues to grow, it’s essential to have a reliable and secure payment solution. CanPay, a trusted provider, caters to cannabis and other regulated emerging markets within the state. Here’s why CanPay stands out:

15-Year Track Record: With a 15-year history, CanPay has built a unique network connecting customers, merchants, banks, and tech providers. Our experience ensures a seamless payment process.

Fee-Free Convenience: As a CanPay user, you can purchase cannabis products without any extra fees. Say goodbye to inconvenient ATM visits or bank charges.

Safety First: CanPay eliminates the need for carrying cash, reducing the risks associated with physical currency. Your transactions remain secure and confidential.

Cutting-Edge Security: Our advanced security measures ensure that only you can authorize purchases using your CanPay account.

Simple and Debit-Based: Generate a unique payment PIN within the CanPay app, and you’re all set. Debits are made directly from your checking account, matching the exact purchase amount.

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Why Hawaii Retailers Should Choose CanPay

As a reliable and secure electronic payment solution, CanPay empowers Hawaii retailers with seamless transactions. Here’s why integrating CanPay into your business is a smart move:

Specialized Network: CanPay collaborates with a network of banks and tech partners who understand your unique business requirements. This ensures smooth electronic debit payment processing at your stores.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Accepting CanPay enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers tend to spend more when using electronic payments compared to cash-only transactions.

Safety First: By minimizing cash usage, you create a safer environment for both customers and staff. Say goodbye to the risks associated with handling physical currency.

Cost-Effective: CanPay was designed for sustainability at a fair cost. Enjoy the benefits of electronic payments without breaking the bank.

Familiarity: Your customers won’t need to learn new processes—CanPay integrates seamlessly into their existing payment habits.

Upselling Opportunities: At the point of purchase, your staff can upsell because customers haven’t predetermined their spending amount.

Increased Sales: CanPay users actively seek out stores that accept this convenient payment method.

US-Based Transactions: Rest assured that all funds flow through USA-based financial networks.

Choose CanPay for a safer, more efficient payment experience that benefits both your business and your customers!

Why Hawaii Financial Institutions Choose CanPay

Hawaii’s financial institutions can benefit from integrating CanPay, a secure debit network designed for highly-regulated and emerging markets, including the State Regulated Cannabis Industry. Here’s why CanPay stands out:

Compliance and Safety: CanPay enables electronic payments between consumers and retailers while adhering to regulatory guidelines. Merchants with compliant bank accounts at CanPay-approved banks can seamlessly join the network and accept debit payments from their customers.

Closed-Banking Feedback Loop: CanPay ensures that only cannabis retailers working with banks following the Cole Memo and FinCEN Guidance participate in the network. Feedback from these banks verifies legal transactions from licensed and compliant retailers.

Strong Compliance Program: CanPay’s ODFI (Originating Depository Financial Institution) maintains a robust compliance program based on the Cole Memo and FinCEN Guidance.

Why CanPay for Your Cannabis Banking Clients?

Transparency (1): Retailers conduct business under their Doing Business As (DBA) name, ensuring transparency throughout the payment process.

Transparency (2): All participants in the payments chain fully understand the industries involved, fostering trust and clarity.

Cost-Effective: CanPay offers sustainability at a fair value for retailers, minimizing costs.

Legitimacy: The Closed-Banking Feedback Loop ensures that only retailers with compliant bank accounts participate in the payment network.

Stability: CanPay is purpose-built to meet the industry’s unique needs and requirements.

Safety (1): By reducing cash usage, CanPay contributes to safer communities.

Safety (2): Clients benefit from a cashless system, enhancing security.

Safety (3): Bankers appreciate fewer cash-related risks and fewer retailer visits to branches with large amounts of cash.

Cost Savings: Less cash handling by staff and fewer cash pickups lead to operational savings.

It’s Better For Business: your retail clients will enjoy increased sales with electronic payments.

As part of your cannabis banking program, your clients gain access to compliant banking services. But that’s not all! By participating in CanPay’s Closed-Banking Feedback Loop, you provide them with a secure and transparent payment solution. Contact us today and open up the CanPay network for your valued clients.

Choose CanPay for a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective payment solution!

About Hawaii

honolulu-from-diamond-headHawaii, the 50th state of the United States, is a tropical paradise located in the central Pacific Ocean. Known for its stunning natural beauty, Hawaii is composed of a chain of volcanic islands, each offering unique landscapes, from lush rainforests and cascading waterfalls to volcanic craters and pristine beaches. The state’s warm climate, vibrant culture, and diverse ecosystems make it a popular destination for tourists and nature enthusiasts alike.

The Hawaiian archipelago consists of eight main islands: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big Island (Hawaii Island), Molokai, Lanai, Niihau, and Kahoolawe. Oahu, home to the state capital Honolulu and the famous Waikiki Beach, is the most populated island and serves as the economic and cultural hub of Hawaii. Maui is renowned for its world-class beaches, the scenic Hana Highway, and Haleakalā National Park, where visitors can witness breathtaking sunrises from the summit of the dormant volcano. The Big Island, the largest of the islands, is notable for its diverse climates and active volcanoes, including Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes on Earth.

Hawaii’s rich cultural heritage is deeply rooted in its indigenous Polynesian history. The native Hawaiian culture is celebrated through hula dance, traditional music, language, and festivals. The state also reflects a melting pot of influences from East Asia, the Philippines, and the mainland United States, contributing to its unique and diverse cultural landscape. Hawaiian cuisine, a blend of these various influences, features delicious dishes such as poke, kalua pig, and loco moco.

Ecotourism and outdoor activities are major attractions in Hawaii. Visitors can explore the lush valleys of Kauai, snorkel in the vibrant coral reefs of Molokini, hike through the volcanic landscapes of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, or simply relax on the picturesque beaches. The islands’ commitment to preserving their natural beauty and biodiversity is evident through numerous conservation efforts and protected areas.

Overall, Hawaii offers a harmonious blend of natural splendor, cultural richness, and recreational opportunities. Whether seeking adventure, relaxation, or a deeper connection with nature and history, Hawaii remains a captivating destination that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.

Points of Interest in Hawaii

  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Parks – Extending from sea level to 13,680 feet, the park encompasses the summits of two of the world’s most active volcanoes.
  • Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park – Nāpali Coast is one of the most recognizable and beautiful coastlines in the world.  A very special place.  The pali, or cliffs, provide a rugged grandeur of deep, narrow valleys ending abruptly at the sea. Waterfalls and swift flowing streams continue to cut these narrow valleys while the sea carves cliffs at their mouths. Extensive stone walled terraces can still be found on the valley bottoms where Hawaiians once lived and cultivated taro.
  • Hanauma BayFormed within a volcanic cone, today Hanauma Bay offers a pristine marine ecosystem that allow visitors an amazing place to snorkel daily.
  • Diamond Head State Monument – The jewel in Diamond Head’s crown is undoubtedly the iconic hike to the summit, offering a journey through time and terrain.

Where to Use the CanPay App In Hawaii

A current list of Hawaii CanPay Dispensaries and Retailers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CanPay used for? 

CanPay is the world’s first mobile debit app for use at cannabis retailers and businesses in other emerging markets. CanPay functions like the debit cards you already have in your wallet, and can be used at approved cannabis retailers.

Is it safe to use CanPay?

Is CanPay Secure? Yes, CanPay employs the latest security technology. Additionally, your Payment Code generated in the CanPay app can only be used one time and expires within 30 minutes after it is requested.

Can you put a credit card on CanPay?

CanPay can only be linked directly to your checking account.

Is there a fee with CanPay?

Merchants take payment by scanning a QR code on a customer’s phone in person, or through a website payment. CanPay charges merchants less than 2% of the transaction in what’s essentially a processing fee.

What is the daily limit for CanPay?

Yes, you are able to spend up to $500 per day with your CanPay debit account. Is CanPay a gift card? No, CanPay is a debit payment app that functions like other debit and credit cards in your wallet. A debit in the exact amount of the transaction is made to your checking account at the time of purchase.

What is the spending limit on CanPay?

The PayPal Debit Card has a daily spending limit of $3,000 USD and a daily cash ATM withdrawal limit of $400 USD. The card resets at 12:00 a.m. CST. Here’s how to check your daily limits on the PayPal website: Go to your Home page and click PayPal Debit Card under the balance.

Who owns CanPay?

CanPay, based in Littleton, Colorado, was founded by Dustin Eide.

What is purchasing power on CanPay?

With Purchasing Power, you can pay over time in interest-free installments, all at zero risk to you. Shop your favorite brands with low monthly payments that make sense for your lifestyle. No need to postpone that upgrade you need, or that TV for the new place.

Is there an app for CanPay?

Once your account is set up you can download the secure app at canpayapp.com for both Apple and Android devices.

Is there a CanPay app for iPhone?

Downloading the CanPay App – iPhone | CanPay Help Center. Easily access the CanPay app by adding it to your iPhone’s Home screen!

How do I use CanPay on my Iphone?

How do I use the CanPay App to make a purchase? After you enroll in CanPay, just login to the CanPay App (available at app.canpaydebit.com) and tap “Pay Now” to generate your first Payment Code. These codes last for 30 minutes and then expire if they go unused.

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Hawaii CanPay Dispensaries and Retailers