Arkansas CanPay Dispensaries

CanPay: The Smarter Way to Pay for Cannabis in Arkansas

As the network of Arkansas dispensaries and retailers expands, the need for a secure and reliable payment solution is more critical than ever. CanPay stands out as a trusted payment provider for the cannabis industry and other regulated emerging markets in Arkansas. Here’s why CanPay is your best choice:

15-Year Industry Leader: With a robust history spanning 15 years, CanPay has developed an unparalleled network that connects customers, merchants, banks, and technology providers. Our wealth of experience guarantees a smooth and reliable payment process for all parties involved.

No Fees, More Freedom: Enjoy purchasing cannabis without any additional fees as a CanPay user. Avoid the hassles of ATM withdrawals and unexpected banking fees.

Enhanced Safety: CanPay reduces the need to handle cash, creating a safer environment for both customers and staff. Eliminate the risks associated with physical currency.

Advanced Security Measures: Our cutting-edge security protocols ensure that only you can authorize transactions, keeping your CanPay account secure.

Effortless Debit Payments: Simply generate a unique payment PIN within the CanPay app, and you’re ready to go. Transactions are directly debited from your checking account, ensuring you only spend what you intend.

Choose CanPay for a safer, more efficient payment experience that prioritizes your convenience and peace of mind!

Ready to enhance your cannabis purchasing experience? Sign up for CanPay and download the CanPay app today!

Why Arkansas Retailers Choose CanPay

CanPay delivers a dependable and secure electronic payment solution specifically crafted for Arkansas retailers. By partnering with a dedicated network of banks and technology partners who understand your specific business needs, we facilitate seamless electronic debit payments at your stores. Here’s why CanPay is the optimal choice:

Stability: CanPay ensures a stable and consistent payment process, recognized by all members of the payment chain which reinforces your business’s reliability.

Transparency: Operate under your Doing Business As (DBA) name, maintaining clear transparency throughout all transactions.

Cost-Effectiveness: Designed for sustainability at a reasonable cost, CanPay minimizes expenses for retailers, enhancing your financial efficiency.

Familiarity: CanPay integrates effortlessly into your customers’ existing payment habits, ensuring a smooth transition and user experience.

Safety: Reducing reliance on cash transactions not only creates a safer environment for staff and customers but also lowers risk related to cash handling.

Increased Spending: Electronic payments encourage customers to spend more compared to cash-only options, potentially increasing your average transaction value.

Opportunities for Upselling: With CanPay, your staff can better capitalize on upselling opportunities at the point of sale since customers are not limited by the cash they carry.

Increased Sales: Stores accepting CanPay attract customers who prefer the convenience of electronic payments, thereby boosting your sales.

US-Based Transactions: All transactions are processed through US-based financial networks, ensuring secure and reliable fund flow.

Choose CanPay for a smarter, safer, and more efficient payment experience in Arkansas!

Ready to elevate your retail operations? Opt for CanPay and provide your customers with an advanced payment solution that matches their lifestyle.

Why Arkansas Financial Institutions Choose CanPay

CanPay serves as a secure debit network that facilitates electronic payments between consumers and retailers in highly-regulated and emerging markets, including the State Regulated Cannabis Industry in Arkansas. Here’s why Arkansas financial institutions should consider adopting CanPay:

Compliance and Safety: CanPay ensures secure electronic transactions while adhering strictly to regulatory guidelines. Merchants with compliant bank accounts at CanPay-approved banks can effortlessly join the network and start accepting debit payments from their customers.

Closed-Banking Feedback Loop: CanPay guarantees participation exclusively by cannabis retailers that comply with the banking regulations set forth in the Cole Memo and FinCEN Guidance. This ensures all transactions are verified and legal, involving only licensed and compliant retailers.

Robust Compliance Program: CanPay’s Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI) upholds a stringent compliance program in line with the Cole Memo and FinCEN Guidance, ensuring all transactions meet the necessary legal standards.

Secure and Efficient Transactions: Choose CanPay for a payment system that not only enhances security but also improves the efficiency of financial transactions in the cannabis market.

Opting for CanPay can significantly benefit Arkansas financial institutions by providing a safer, smarter, and more compliant payment solution. Ready to upgrade your payment processing solutions? Choose CanPay for enhanced security and compliance in your financial operations.

Why Choose CanPay for Your Arkansas Cannabis Banking Clients?

Transparency in Operations: Retailers operate under their Doing Business As (DBA) name, ensuring clear and transparent transactions that build trust and maintain integrity throughout the payment process.

Complete Industry Insight: With CanPay, all participants in the payment chain possess a comprehensive understanding of the industries involved, fostering trust and ensuring clarity in all transactions.

Cost-Effectiveness: CanPay offers a sustainable payment solution at a fair value, helping Arkansas retailers minimize operational costs.

Guaranteed Legitimacy: The Closed-Banking Feedback Loop ensures that only retailers with compliant bank accounts are part of the payment network, reinforcing the legitimacy of every transaction.

Tailored for the Cannabis Industry: CanPay is specifically designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of the cannabis industry, providing stability and reliability.

Enhanced Community Safety: By minimizing the use of cash, CanPay helps create safer communities.

Improved Security: Clients enjoy the benefits of a cashless system, which enhances overall security.

Reduced Financial Risks: Bankers face fewer cash-related risks and reduced need for cash handling, thanks to fewer retailer visits to branches with large cash deposits.

Operational Cost Savings: With less cash handling required, staff experience operational savings, reducing the overall financial burden.

Boost in Sales: Your retail clients will likely see an increase in sales due to the convenience of electronic payments.

Choose CanPay for a smarter, safer, and more efficient payment solution. By incorporating CanPay into your cannabis banking program, your clients gain access to compliant banking services and benefit from a secure and transparent payment system. Contact us today to integrate the CanPay network and elevate the banking experience for your clients in Arkansas.

About Arkansas

arkansas-riverArkansas, known affectionately as “The Natural State,” is situated in the southeastern region of the United States. It’s renowned for its abundant parks and wilderness areas, with terrain encompassing mountains, caves, rivers, and hot springs. Arkansas offers a rich tapestry of landscapes that range from the mountainous regions of the Ozarks and the Ouachita Mountains to the densely forested land in the south known as the Arkansas Timberlands, and the eastern lowlands along the Mississippi River and the Arkansas Delta.

Arkansas’s diverse geography makes it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The state is home to the famous Hot Springs National Park, which is the nation’s oldest park pre-dating even Yellowstone. The Buffalo National River, the first National River in the U.S., is another major attraction, offering unspoiled beauty along its meandering path through the Ozarks. These natural resources provide ample opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, and kayaking.

Economically, Arkansas has a strong agricultural base, with its chicken, soybean, cotton, and rice production among the top in the nation. The state has also seen growth in the industrial sector with companies in aerospace, metals, and furniture production. Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is headquartered in Bentonville, providing a significant economic impact on the state.

Culturally, Arkansas features a mix of southern traditions and a rich history, with influences from the Delta Blues to modern art installations like the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. The state’s history is also marked by notable political figures such as former President Bill Clinton, who served as the governor of Arkansas before his presidency.

With its natural beauty, economic stability, and rich cultural heritage, Arkansas offers a unique blend of characteristics that make it a noteworthy state in the American landscape.

Points of Interest in Arkansas

Hot Springs National Park – With 26 miles of hiking trails in the Park, you can find great views, beautiful forest scenery, and feel like you’re not in the City.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art – American art and exhibitions. Stunning architecture. 120 acres of Ozark nature. General admission is always free.

Buffalo National River – Established in 1972, Buffalo National River flows freely for 135 miles and is one of the few remaining undammed rivers in the lower 48 states.

Crater of Diamonds State Park – One of the only places in the world where the public can search for real diamonds in their original volcanic source.

Where to Use the CanPay App In Arkansas

A current list of Arkasas CanPay Dispensaries and Retailers

CanPay Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What Is CanPay Used For?
    • CanPay is the world’s first mobile debit app designed for use at cannabis retailers and businesses in emerging markets.
    • It functions like the debit cards you already have in your wallet and can be used at approved cannabis retailers.
  2. Is CanPay Safe to Use?
    • Yes, CanPay employs the latest security technology.
    • Your Payment Code generated in the CanPay app can only be used once and expires within 30 minutes after it is requested.
  3. Can I Link a Credit Card to CanPay?
    • No, CanPay can only be linked directly to your checking account.
  4. Are There Fees Associated with CanPay?
    • Merchants take payment by scanning a QR code on a customer’s phone in person or through a website payment.
    • CanPay charges merchants less than 2% of the transaction, essentially as a processing fee.
  5. What Is the Daily Spending Limit for CanPay?
    • You can spend up to $500 per day with your CanPay debit account.
    • CanPay is not a gift card; it functions like other debit and credit cards in your wallet.
    • A debit in the exact amount of the transaction is made to your checking account at the time of purchase.
  6. Who Owns CanPay?
    • CanPay, based in Littleton, Colorado, was founded by Dustin Eide.
  7. What Is Purchasing Power on CanPay?
    • With Purchasing Power, you can pay over time in interest-free installments.
    • Shop your favorite brands with low monthly payments that make sense for your lifestyle.
    • No need to postpone necessary upgrades or purchases.
  8. Is There an App for CanPay?
    • Yes! Once your account is set up, you can download the secure CanPay app at for both Apple and Android devices.
  9. Is There a CanPay App for iPhone?
    • Absolutely! You can easily access the CanPay app on your iPhone by adding it to your Home screen.
  10. How Do I Use CanPay on My iPhone?
    • After enrolling in CanPay, follow these steps:
      • Login to the CanPay App (available at
      • Tap “Pay Now” to generate your first Payment Code.
      • These codes last for 30 minutes and then expire if unused.

Choose CanPay for a convenient, secure, and efficient payment experience!

Arkansas CanPay Dispensaries and Retailers